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All speakers fully tested and guaranteed all good.

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

Image 100.2 Bookshelf Audiophile Speakers

Compact 2 way from legendary high end NZ manufacturer.
Features a very nice Audax cast alloy driver made in France.

Very lively sound, good size compromise. Suit small room or desktop setup. Good enough to use as production monitors.

Finished in beautiful golden native heart Rimu.
Perfectly preserved in near mint condition. Includes original shipping carton.

32x18x20cm 7kg 8ohm
Suit amps 30-80W

Image 100.2 Bookshelf Audiophile Speakers
$380   enquire

Mordaunt Short MS-400 Vintage Audiophile Speakers

The MS-400 was second from the top of the MS range in the early 70's. A 3 way design, it is crossed over at 2k so more of a 2 way with a big tweeter and supertweeter. A remarkable 33 x 20cm driver with huge magnet boasts bass down to 35Hz without a tuned port.

Perfectly preserved, these have been serviced and fully checked over for correct operation. Near mint condition with one slight water mark.
Beautiful real oiled teak veneer finish including the back. Includes a pair of correct speaker cables.

The EMI elliptical drivers were developed by Dr Dutton at Marconi EMI to recreate the sound of the 1950’s Tannoy Monitor Silvers. Also used in the B&W DM3 and Monitor Audio MA3. Tweeters are Kef and Cole.

Easily worth NZ1k+ Priced for a friendly local sale.

69x38x23cm 18kg

Mordaunt Short MS-400 Vintage Audiophile Speakers
$580   enquire

Polk Audio RT400 Floorstanding Speakers

Full size 2 way towers from USA. Known for high end sound at minimal cost. Huge following, well respected.

Working well in good condition. This is the semi-pro matte gray model without vinyl wrap.

Overall Frequency Response: 40Hz - 22kHz
-3dB Limits: 50Hz - 20kHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Recommended Amplification: 20 - 150 watts/channel
Efficiency: 89dB

approx 18kg
No covers
Polk Audio RT400 Floorstanding Speakers
$260   enquire

Mordaunt Short MS-95 Floorstanders

Compact English two ways with a nice well balanced sound. Has the accuracy of the bookshelf model with a bit more low end.

Working well in excellent, near new condition.

82 x 22 x 22cm
100W max
8 ohms
Mordaunt Short MS-95 Floorstanders
$220   enquire

Pye Pro-Lab System 100 Speakers

Bass lovers delight. These are semi pro speakers with wirewound pots to control the mid and tweeter levels for room/personal taste.

Extremely solid and heavy with cloth surround 12 inch bass drivers.

More cabinet volume and driver surface than most so called subs. Cabinets in good condition with real dark wood veneer. Suit large room or performance space.

50W RMS suits amps up to 100W

70 x 45 x 30cm 25kg

All drivers original and working perfecty. Covers ok.
Pye Pro-Lab System 100 Speakers

Bowers and Wilkins 2003 Bookshelf Speakers

For stand or shelf mounting. Working well in good condition.

14 Litre volume
70Hz - 20Khz +- 2dB
20 - 100W
4 Ohms Nominal
43 x 21 x 23cm
Bowers and Wilkins 2003 Bookshelf Speakers
$190   enquire

Omnidirectional 3 Way "Dalek" Towers

Hand crafted by a carpenter and audio enthusiast in the 90's. They are a 3 way omnidirectional design constructed of Australian Jarrah. Speakers fire upwards into cones made of solid turned plywood. This configuration is used in legendary speakers like the Linkwitz Pluto and Tannoy Orbitus.

Tri-wired, included is an external 3 way crossover to use with a standard stereo amplifier. Drivers are Response brand, suitable for amps 20-100W. 8 inch bass driver. 2 inch dome midrange handles 1-5Khz. Total cabinet volume is approx .1 cubic meters with bass port underneath. Internally there is a baffle and acoustic material, creating a hybrid of transmission line and bass reflex loading. Not highly tuned, the bass is natural and extended. Sound equally good both close to walls and in free space.

Extremely solid and heavy at 70kg. 158cm tall, base is 42cm square. Imposing, but they actually take up less room than many normal speakers. Bases are granite, feet and hardware solid brass. Quality of construction and finish is excellent, these were built with love.

Culmination of a lifetimes development from a prolific speaker builder. The cabinet and lathe work alone entailed hundreds of hours of skilled work. The sound quality and musical experience is better than speakers costing many thousands. These were enjoyed for some years as part of a large system in a performance space.

6 pairs were made in a limited production run, 4 have already sold to very happy new owners, this will be the last set available.
Omnidirectional 3 Way "Dalek" Towers
$1200   enquire

Sansui SP-30 Lattice Front Vintage Speakers

Compact stand or bookshelf speakers in great original condition. Have hooks installed for wall mounting option.

Not quite audiophile but still good clear sound for a smaller room.

8 ohm 20W
42 x 27 x 19cm
Come with good cables 2 x 3m
Sansui SP-30 Lattice Front Vintage Speakers
$120   enquire

Paradigm CC-170 Center Speaker

Use under your TV as part of a surround system. Much better than the average smaller, lighter centre speaker. Excellent condition including fabric cover.

80 Watts max
90 dB sensitivity
Paradigm CC-170 Center Speaker
$120   enquire

JBL MR Center Speaker

Working well in excellent condition
80W max
JBL MR Center Speaker
$60   enquire