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All speakers fully tested and guaranteed all good.

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

JBL MR25 Bookshelf Speakers

American 2 ways with front port. Cabinets are solid with lots of internal damping. Drivers beefy with huge magnet. Connections are easy wire clips. Nicely refoamed in near mint condition.

30 x 19 x 21cm
8 ohms
75W max
JBL MR25 Bookshelf Speakers
$150   enquire

Infinity Reference 20 Compact Speakers

Two way sealed audiophile box with carbon driver and polycell tweeter. Easy to place and fine tucked in to a corner or wall. Bass is present and extended without boom or exaggeration. Proper binding posts take bare wire or banana plugs.

Blemish to back corners otherwise good condition and working well. Drivers and surrounds perfect.

100W max 6 Ohm 90Db Sens 50Hz - 25KHz +-2.5dB

46 x 27 x 25cm 9kg Made in USA
Infinity Reference 20 Compact Speakers

Monitor Audio Monitor 7 Bookshelf Speakers

Interesting miniature speakers for small room or desktop. Two way with small rear port. Made to be used as stand alone speakers, these are not cheap home theatre surrounds. Large banana style connectors also take bare wire.

Checked out in good condition but no covers.

8 Ohms 88dB Sensistivity
Suit amps 15 - 70W
34 x 17 x 17cm
Made in England
Monitor Audio Monitor 7 Bookshelf Speakers
$120   enquire

JBL E90 High Power Speakers

Full size 3 way speakers with double 8 inch bass drivers. Lively JBL sound and capable of very high volume levels. Drivers have double magnets and cones made of stable fibrous laminate material.

Serviced and working well in good condition. Suit large room or studio, music pro etc.

Suit amps 25-225W - 440W max power
8 ohms 91dB sensitivity - easy load for smaller amps.
102 x 25 x 37cm 22kg
Made in Mexico. No covers
JBL E90 High Power Speakers
$380   enquire

Pioneer S-P710V Compact Speakers

Modern style ported 3 way with cone midrange and dome tweeter. Unusual angled shape with different left and right. Above average quality, main driver has two magnets.

Fully tested and working well. Suit small room or desktop.

38 x 18 x 21cm
8 ohms 60W
Pioneer S-P710V Compact Speakers
$50   enquire

GX audio Desktop Speakers

Audiophile grade miniature 2 way ported boxes. I used these to replace the plastic logitec speakers in my 2.1 system. Also work well stand alone without subwoofer.

Big gold binding posts take banana connectors. Excellent condition in piano back finish.

18 x 11 x 15cm
50W 8 ohm
GX audio Desktop Speakers
$80   enquire

Wharfedale Modus 5 Compact Speakers

Rear ported 2 way with a double mid/bass driver for deeper bass. Nice top end on these models, lots of detail.

Working well in good condition.

8 Ohms 125W max
64 x 22 x 30cm
Made in England
Wharfedale Modus 5 Compact Speakers
$140   enquire

Jamo Dynamic d3e Compact Speakers

Glam 3 way boxes from the 80's Features aluminium acoustic lens and rear bass port.

Working well in good condition.

Suit amplifier 25-65W
130W Max
Made in Denmark
Collect from Kingsland
Jamo Dynamic d3e Compact Speakers
$90   enquire

Omnidirectional 3 Way Towers

Solid Australian Jarrah hardwood. Speakers fire upwards into specially shaped cones. This configuration is used in legendary speakers like the Linkwitz Pluto and Tannoy Orbitus.

Tri-wired, included is an external 3 way crossover to use with a standard stereo amplifier. Drivers are Response brand, suitable for amps 20-100W. 8 inch bass driver. 2 inch dome midrange handles 1-5Khz. Internally there is acoustic material, baffles and ports. Bass is natural and extended. Sound equally good both close to walls and in free space.

Extremely solid and heavy at 70kg. 158cm tall, base is 42cm square. Imposing, but they actually take up less room than many normal speakers. Bases are granite, feet and hardware solid brass. Quality of construction and finish is excellent, these were built with love. Well looked after in pristine condition.

100W max
35Hz - 20kHz
RRP 4k+

If you are in Auckland and have room for these let me know.
Omnidirectional 3 Way Towers
Ready Soon   enquire

JBL MR Center Speaker

Working well in excellent condition
80W max
JBL MR Center Speaker
$60   enquire