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Good quality or interesting gear for repair or refurbishment.

Equipment for sale
Here is a selection of vintage audio equipment which has my seal of approval. They have been lovingly refurbished and tested by myself and are all interesting and good quality pieces - I wouldn't bother otherwise! Shipping for most items from Auckland is $20 - $40 to NZ only. 1 month guarantee.

All turntables serviced and tested for perfect operation of all features. Lubricated, bearings adjusted, usually new stylus and belt. They all sound very good with perfect tracking, speed accuracy/stability and quiet motors.

If you are thinking of buying a new turntable, a refurbished vintage unit will provide more style and substance with often better performance. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at sales@retrotronics.co.nz

Clarion Direct Drive Turntable

Massive wood body fully manual system made in Japan. Drive motor very similar to early Technics and Denon. Heavy platter with strobe markings for the bright orange neon strobe lamp. Arm is a medium weight audiophile style perfectly suited to modern moving magnet cartridges. Refurbished and set up nicely with new Ortofon cartridge/stylus and upgraded with new gold RCA connectors.
Clarion Direct Drive Turntable
$550   enquire

Goldring GR1 Audiophile Turntable

Basic fully manual deck in the style of Rega/Pro-ject. Mains synchronous motor, belt drive and Rega arm. Upgraded with new cartridge/stylus and heavy rubber mat. Working perfectly in near mint condition.

Made in England.
Goldring GR1 Audiophile Turntable
$380   enquire

Dual 521 Belt Drive Turntable

Full auto German deck from 1976. Lots of unique features like mechanical speed trim, needle drop mute and adjustable dustcover springs. Was almost the top of the 500 range, surpassed only by the 522 which had a slightly better motor. Serviced and upgraded with new cartridge and stylus.

Collect from Kingsland only
Dual 521 Belt Drive Turntable
$260   enquire

Technics SL-Q210 Direct Drive Turntable

Quartz lock means no speed adjustment ever required. Arm is also preset with anti skate and stylus force factory adjusted.
Operation is semi auto with the assistance of a damped lifter.
New stylus and upgraded with quality rca cables and separate earth wire.
Technics SL-Q210 Direct Drive Turntable
$220   enquire

Dual 1214 3 Speed Turntable

Compact German idler drive model from the 70's

Fully auto operation, can also be used in manual mode.

Restored and upgraded with new cartridge and quality audio cables.
Good condition including perspex lift off cover.

Good 78 rpm capable players are hard to come by so if you want to play the 10 inch shellac disks in high fideliy this is the one you need.
Dual 1214 3 Speed Turntable
$240   enquire

NAD 5120 Audiophile Turntable

Nice example of this simple and compact belt drive model from England.
Very easy to use, has one twist knob to start rotation and lower the arm. Auto lifts and shuts off at the end of play.
Fully refurbished with new belt, cartridge etc. Working nicely in very good condition.

3 Month Warranty
NAD 5120 Audiophile Turntable
$320   enquire