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Good quality or interesting gear for repair or refurbishment.

Equipment for sale
Here is a selection of vintage audio equipment which has my seal of approval. They have been lovingly refurbished and tested by myself and are all interesting and good quality pieces - I wouldn't bother otherwise! Shipping for most items from Auckland is $20 - $40 to NZ only. 1 month guarantee.

All turntables serviced and tested for perfect operation of all features. Lubricated, bearings adjusted, usually new stylus and belt. They all sound very good with perfect tracking, speed accuracy/stability and quiet motors.

If you are thinking of buying a new turntable, a refurbished vintage unit will provide more style and substance with often better performance. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at sales@retrotronics.co.nz

Pioneer PL-12R Belt Drive Turntable

This is a basic manual model with two speeds and a fluid damped lift lever for carefully raising and lowering the arm. Fully refurbished with new belt, modern audiophile cartridge and new stylus.

Working well with no motor noise and dead on speed.

Nice and clean with some light marks on the perspex cover but otherwise mint.
Pioneer PL-12R Belt Drive Turntable

Hitachi HT-20S Belt Drive Turntable

Basic semi auto turntable from the 80's. Cleaned, serviced and fitted with new belt and stylus. Working well in good condition.
Hitachi HT-20S Belt Drive Turntable
$240   enquire

Toshiba Boston SP-790 Turntable Receiver Unit

Unusual 70's piece from Japan incorporating an AM/FM tuner, amplifier and 2 speed belt drive turntable. The turntable is heavy and well isolated with cast alloy chassis and 12 pole motor like a pro-ject or rega. Operation is semi auto.
Has some storage space in the bottom with a door that opens downward.
Amp restored with new capacitors and turntable refurbished with new belt and stylus.
Has standard wire connectors for speakers and RCA tape inputs suitable for ipod.
Working well in excellent condition.

50W x 63H x 40D
Collect from Kingsland only.
Toshiba Boston SP-790 Turntable Receiver Unit
$380   enquire

Technics SL-110 with SME3009-II Arm

When I first saw one of these a few years ago I thought it was the best looking turntable I'd ever seen. Oversize at 51cm wide it was made to take a 12 inch arm if required. It took me a while to find one for myself and after many turntables it is still my favourite Technics.
Extremely well built and with no exotic parts or secrets, this is a hall of fame model to live on in decades to come.

The turntable and arm are in excellent condition. Dark tinted lift off cover is mint.
-70dB noise
.03% W/F
Technics SL-110 with SME3009-II Arm
$1400   enquire

Dual CS-5000 3 Speed Audiophile Turntable

Rare and interesting model with quartz controlled belt drive system. Aluminium platter is weighted with a ring of lead and factory balanced. Auto lower and lift/stop.
Fitted with an Ortofon OM20 cartridge with near new stylus.
Suit collector or studio with the need to play 78 discs with optimal fidelity.
Near mint, almost unused condition. Very nice piece of German engineering.

-80dB noise and rumble
.025% speed stability
3 Month Warranty
Original instruction manual
Includes new Ortofon Stylus 78 for quick change to 65┬Ám spherical tip.
Dual CS-5000 3 Speed Audiophile Turntable
$850   enquire

Technics SL-1210 MK2 Professional Turntable

This is the most desirable 1200 variant. Dark black, proper cover and hinges, no extra buttons or features. Complete with original thick rubber mat and 7 inch adaptor. Platter looks new with zero corrosion, strobe nice and bright. Overall near mint unused condition. Suit industry pro, collector or audiophile.

Was a 120V model, converted to 230V
12.5kg Cast alloy top, rubber base.
3 month warranty
Technics SL-1210 MK2 Professional Turntable
$1200   enquire