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Equipment for sale
Here is a selection of vintage audio equipment which has my seal of approval. They have been lovingly refurbished and tested by myself and are all interesting and good quality pieces - I wouldn't bother otherwise! Shipping for most items from Auckland is $20 - $40 to NZ only.

Quality stereo gear wanted
Fair price paid for worthy restoration projects and faulty items - consolidate your hoard!

All amplifiers serviced and tested for perfect operation of all features.

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

Yamaha AX-396 Stereo Amplifier

Solid and capable modern era Japanese integrated component. Features a direct input to minimise signal path and 2 sets of beefy speaker binding posts. Good quality phono stage on separate internal circuit board. Pure analogue audio design, no video or digital processing.

Front flap hides the minor controls for a sleek look.
Working well in near new unused condition. Inside is pristine.

60WPC (conservative rating, over 90W of headroom)
Can drive speakers down to 4 ohms
9kg 3 month warranty
Yamaha AX-396 Stereo Amplifier
ready soon   enquire

Sansui 661 Vintage Receiver

Handsome golden era amp and tuner combo from legendary Japanese maker. Has aux and two tape inputs for additional devices, good phono stage for a turntable.

Serviced and working well in good condition, very clean and tidy.

20WPC (very conservatively rated - measures close to 40W)
Made in Japan 1971
10Kg 3 Month warranty
Sansui 661 Vintage Receiver

Onkyo TX-26 Stereo Receiver

Mid 80's beauty with huge colorful display. Quality piece with solid aluminium front panel. Has a good sounding loudness as well as dynamic bass boost for smaller speakers etc. Phono stage ready for your turntable. Spare inputs for 2 other devices.

Serviced and working well in good condition.

38WPC 7.1kg Made in Japan 3 Months Warranty
Onkyo TX-26 Stereo Receiver
$240   enquire

Audiophile Power Amplifier

Nice implementation of the well proven Jaycar KC5201 Kit modules. Extremely solid power supply with a big toroid and overkill 6 x 8000mfd smoothing capacitors. Massive headroom and power reserve.

Can be driven direct from a cd player or ipod/tablet etc. Has a stereo volume control on the hardwood front panel. The rest of the chassis is aluminium with massive heatsinks which remain cool with normal use. Premium gold parts have been used for the input RCA's and the output binding posts.

Can also be driven from a preamp, smart tv, computer, mixer, DAC, bluetooth box, chromecast etc. This kind of performance usually costs thousands of dollars. Power supply components alone worth the asking price.

125 watts continuous (very conservative) .03% distortion
3 Month warranty
Audiophile Power Amplifier
$250   enquire