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Equipment for sale
Here is a selection of vintage audio equipment which has my seal of approval. They have been lovingly refurbished and tested by myself and are all interesting and good quality pieces - I wouldn't bother otherwise! Shipping for most items from Auckland is $20 - $40 to NZ only.

Quality stereo gear wanted
Fair price paid for worthy restoration projects and faulty items - consolidate your hoard!

All amplifiers serviced and tested for perfect operation of all features.

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

Arcam Alpha One Audiophile Amplifier

Nice British amp with toroidal transformer, big speaker connectors, preamp out and tone bypass.

Serviced in excellent condition. Note - no phono preamp on this model.

35WPC Made in England

6 Month Warranty

Arcam Alpha One Audiophile Amplifier
$350   enquire

Akai AM-U01 Stereo Amplifier

Popular model with everything you need including good phono stage and spare inputs for mp3 and streaming devices.

NZ assembled model has extra long power cord and 2 3 pin plugs at the back for turntable or other components.

Serviced in good condition. Great compact amp for smaller space.

20WPC 6 Month Waranty

Akai AM-U01 Stereo Amplifier
$220   enquire

Cambridge Audio A500 Audiophile Amplifier

British designed amp with toroidal transformer, tone defeat and inputs for 4 devices. Plenty of power for big speakers and two sets of decent binding posts for good cables. Note - there is no phono input installed.

65WPC 6ohm capable
6 Month Warranty
Cambridge Audio A500 Audiophile Amplifier
$280   enquire

NAD 310 Audiophile Amplifier

Compact and simple component with some nice class A circuitry, toroidal power transformer, proper binding posts etc. Separate power dual mono design.

Serviced and working perfectly in near mint condition.
Note - there is no phono preamp on this model.

25WPC 4 ohm capable.
6 Month Warranty
NAD 310 Audiophile Amplifier
$320   enquire

Pioneer CX-7000 Cassette Receiver

Unusual 3 in one unit from the late 70s. Very well made, the tuner has a heavy weighted tuning flywheel and the cassette deck mechanism is all metal with a lift up window. Has a phono input for a turntable and two spares for other devices. Can run and switch two pairs of speakers. Internally the amp, tuner and cassette are all on separate circuit boards.

Serviced with new belts and other parts. Working well in excellent condition. Very usable collector or investor piece.

Dimensions: 430 x 220 x 357mm
25WPC 13kg
Made in Japan 1977
Collect from Kingsland, 1 year warranty to Auckland buyer
Pioneer CX-7000 Cassette Receiver