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Pro Audio

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

RCF 12 Inch 450 Watt Monitor Speaker

Near new RCF 12P11WK professional driver in nice cabinet with bullet tweeter and horn top end. Use as stage monitor, DJ, vocals/organ, sound reinforcement etc. Has a pole mount underneath. Very efficient at 102dB for 1 watt, this can go crazy loud.

Working well in excellent condition. Single unit only.

The RCF12P11 is a cast metal frame, 4 inch voicecoil masterpiece made in Italy. Biggest magnet I have ever seen on a speaker. I actually have two of these drivers and would sell the pair without a cabinet if wanted.

64 x 50 x 50 x 40cm 30kg Collect from Kingsland
RCF 12 Inch 450 Watt Monitor Speaker
$280   enquire

Theatre Organ Pedalboard

2.5 octave pipe organ style board with notes C to F. Pedal arrangement is radial as well as concave. Smooth and quiet action with thick felt dampers.
Individual microswitches, pedals are sprung with steel rods underneath.
Made by Christchurch organ builder John Daglish from solid exotic hardwoods. Excellent unused condition. Ends are flat so can stand up safely for compact storage and transport.
Was acquired for a custom build but the project was never finished. If you need authentic pedals for a virtual organ, midi instrument etc. you will not find better than this.

Measures 94 x 130 x 37cm Approx 40kg
Theatre Organ Pedalboard
$500   enquire

Soundcraft AU4060 PA Mixer Amplifier

60 Watt Installation type amplifier for school, factory, big office etc. 4 Mic and 1 line input for music. This is for driving multiple 100v ceiling type speakers.

Virtually new, unused condition.
Soundcraft AU4060 PA Mixer Amplifier
$180   enquire

Ecko M5 DJ Mixer

These are sold under various brands including Pioneer. Very smooth fader with 3 curve setting for different mixing styles, scratching etc. Has had very little use. Working perfectly in excellent condition.
Ecko M5 DJ Mixer