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All turntables serviced and tested for perfect operation of all features. Lubricated, adjusted, usually new stylus and belt. They all sound very good with perfect tracking, speed accuracy/stability and quiet motors.

If you are thinking of buying a new turntable, consider a refurbished vintage machine. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Any general questions or to arrange viewing email me at fred@retrotronics.co.nz

Kenwood KD-3070 Direct Drive Turntable

This is a good one. Strong motor, nice arm, heavy platter all add up to a great performer.

Auto return is by a fluid damped mechanism which you "arm" with the large start lever. Smooth and fast, works well. Striking platter with double size strobe markings, orange neon illuminator.

Fully rebuilt and upgraded with a new Ortofon cartridge, gold rca connectors etc. A few signs of age, overall very good condition.

Good for another 40 years. 1 year warranty to Auckland buyer

Wow and flutter: 0.035% wrms
Rumble: -70dB
8.6kg Made in Japan 1977

Collect only
Kenwood KD-3070 Direct Drive Turntable

Hitachi HT-354 Direct Drive Turntable

Japanese semi-auto with very good specs from the mid 80's

Serviced with new stylus on the Audio Technica AT-80 cartridge.
Working well in good condition. Optional manual lift lever not working.

Signal to noise ratio: 75dB
Wow and flutter: 0.03% wrms

Collect from Kingsland
Hitachi HT-354 Direct Drive Turntable
$360   enquire