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Input Design Turntable - sold

Interesting British product with the same large pulley synchronous motor as a Rega or Project. Based on the Ariston RD-80. Clear acrylic platter with heavy rubber mat. Nice Project tonearm with thread and mass antiskate correction. Motor is mounted solid, subchassis is suspended on adjustable springs. Timber finish is real rosewood. Speed change is possible by moving the belt on the pulley but it's fiddly so it's best as a 33 only player. Fully rebuilt and nicely set up with an Audio Technica AT420E cartridge and new stylus. Excellent condition. Collect from Kingsland 1 year warranty
Input Design Turntable picture 1
Input Design Turntable picture 2
Input Design Turntable picture 3
Input Design Turntable picture 4