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Theatre Organ Pedalboard - $750

2.5 octave pipe organ style with 30 notes C to F. Pedal geometry is radial as well as concave. Smooth and quiet action with thick felt dampers. Leather runners control side play. Contacts are Mulon Japanese microswitches. Pedals are sprung with steel rods underneath. Beautifully constructed by Christchurch organ builder John Daglish from solid exotic hardwoods. Ends are flat so can stand up safely for compact storage and transport. Outputs C2 to F3 on channel 2. Midi implementation uses key scanning by open music labs and Arduino software by Evgenii Shatokhin. Runs off USB power. Excellent unused condition. If you need authentic pedals for a virtual organ, live performance instrument etc. you will not find better than this. Hundreds of hours of skilled work has been done. Measures 94 x 130 x 37cm Approx 40kg Collect from Kingsland
Theatre Organ Pedalboard picture 1
Theatre Organ Pedalboard picture 2
Theatre Organ Pedalboard picture 3
Theatre Organ Pedalboard picture 4
Theatre Organ Pedalboard picture 5
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