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Technics SU-V3 Stereo Amplifier - sold

Interesting, well made stereo amplifier with good specs and not short of power. Good phono input and spares for CD player, ipod etc. Flouro VU meters. Serviced and cleaned in good condition. "B" speaker terminal broken so can only connect one pair of speakers. Good bang for buck here for someone wanting looks, substance and excellent sound. Frequency response: 2Hz to 100kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% 40 Watts per channel, 4 ohm capable 7.3kg Made in Japan
Technics SU-V3 Stereo Amplifier  picture 1
Technics SU-V3 Stereo Amplifier  picture 2
Technics SU-V3 Stereo Amplifier  picture 3